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Doreyl Ammons Cain

Matthew Baker

Reverend Joe R Babb

Kathy Collins Barber

Marcia Hawley Barnes

Sophia V. Brooks

Ray Carpenter

CBC History Committee

Etheree Burkett Chancellor

Roger Chapman

Pam Dengler

Linda Going Dickert

Sara Doolittle

Celia Kay Byrd Bryant

Jean Frady

MaryElla Henry Fitzsimmons

Amy Ammons Garza

Russell Groover

Kathy Ensley Hall

Jim Hartbrager

Chaplain Jack Hinson

Laura Margaret Schmid Hogan

Mary Jane Hollifield

Edwina Crowe Jones

Victoria A. Casey McDonald

Janie Mae Jones McKinley

Kim May

Terry Michelsen

Gail Nolen

Nita Welch Owenby

Roy Owenby

Nancy McIntosh Pafford

 Robert Homer Parker

 Freida Ponder

 Patricia Byrd Shamrock

 Harold “Catman” Sims

 Jim Staggers

 James D. Tagliarini

Charles Schoen

Linda Owen Vinson

David W. Watkins

Rev. Dr. Fred Werhan

Barbara Taylor Woodall

Leeunah V. Woods

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Catch the Spirit of Appalachia

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Published by Ammons Communications, with it’s imprint, Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, these books are written from the heart. They tell the stories of people—their family history, heritage, culture, lives growing up, beliefs, environment and how it shaped who they are and their imagination. From these stories the readers gain insight into the character of a person who has descended from pioneers of this land, one who cares about his/her roots. And as the reader dips into the stories, he/she realizes a true sense of place.

Everyone is unique and wonderful in their own way. Each voice is so important! A writer can tell a story and leave an imprint forever. That is what many of these writers have accomplished with their novels/short stories/poetry/children’s books.  They have written books to shed light upon yesterday, today and tomorrow. Future readers will know they lived!

The written word is a powerful thing!  

I invite you to wander through these authors, and rest awhile in their worlds.

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